We spent last weekend in Glastonbury where we completed some really hilly walks!  We walked near Old Wardour Castle (used in the Robin Hood film) and to Glastonbury Tor, and both were quite demanding but rewarded us with amazing views.

Our last information pack from the British Heart Foundation came through this week, with final details for meeting places and flights, so we're just waiting for our BHF fleeces and luggage bags to arrive on Friday!  We have some emergency contact details that we have put here on a new Contacts page on the website, should anyone need to contact us urgently whilst we are away.  Don't forget you can also keep up to date with how we're getting on out there by looking at the Live Updates page!

This Saturday we're only doing a short walk and then heading into London for the evening as we'll have been together for five years that day, but we'll make up for it on Sunday with another good long hilly hike!

5/5/2009 10:29:03 pm

Five years guys, I had no idea ♥! Ace pictures, not long to go now =)



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