With plastered up blisters we headed out to Barbury Castle Country Park for our walk this afternoon.  It was a very dull day, with freezing winds and some very steep, muddy and slippery hills, so we were quite pleased it was only four miles long!

We're trying to pick walks to do where there are things to see along the way, or little bits of history to learn about.  I'm hoping to start on our 'Peru' scrapbook soon, which will follow all our fundraising and training as well as the trek itself once we've returned.

It's going to be hard to find time to train for the two weeks over Christmas, especially as we're off to Prague for a few days and then we're dotted about over the UK visiting family and friends!  I'm sure we'll be dragging members of the family out and about with us to burn off those Christmas dinners.....!


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