We had our meeting with Father Geoff last weekend, which all went great and he was really pleased with how much we'd already planned for the ceremony.  Then on Sunday morning we went to the family service at the church, where Geoff pulled out his guitar and played a song and got a few people to make man shapes out of plasticine to explain his discussion about the bible, and we actually really enjoyed it and were so pleased that Geoff would be marrying us on our wedding day.

Then at the end of the service, Geoff dropped the bombshell that he has been at Gosfield Church for nearly six years now, and the time has come for him to move on to another church!  We spoke to him after the service and he assured us that everything would be fine, and he wanted to tell us at our meeting but he had to do the announcement to everyone at church first.  It's likely that he'll be moving on at Easter, but there's always a chance that he may be able to come back to do our wedding, so we're both really keeping our fingers crossed tightly that he can.

Everything else is moving along swiftly now too!  We've put down a deposit on the suit hire and we've had a look through our florist's portfolios to get ideas for flowers.  I stopped at my chief bridesmaid's house last night and we spent the evening with two of my other bridesmaids, gossiping about the wedding, the hen party and reminiscing about old times.  Six months and eight days to go...

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