Although we're still putting our rigorous training plan together, which is due to start in November, we thought we'd take the opportunity on a sunny Saturday afternoon to get into the swing of things and complete a short 5-mile walk.  We bought a book on walks in Wiltshire, and headed to Great Bedwyn for the afternoon.  It was a fairly easy walk, and took us two hours altogether, during which time we learnt that:

*It's better for Matt to walk in front otherwise he treads on my heels

*I burn off a lot more calories as Matt's strides are about six times as long as mine

*We both need to buy a proper jacket/coat/waterproof and trousers for our training walks

*I really need to buy a pair of walking boots sooner rather than later

*We are going to get very wet and muddy training through the winter

*Neither of us are very fit and we need to do a lot of training

*It's going to be harder than we thought - times the distance of that walk by ten, fit it in to only three additional days, add ridiculously steep hills, a heavy backpack, hot sunshine and below freezing temperatures at night, and take away a lot of oxygen from the air we're breathing, and that takes us a little closer to what we're going to have to do in just over six months time!

Our next mission will be next Saturday, although we're still undecided on where we will go for our second training walk...we'll keep you posted!


10/21/2008 07:19

"It's better for Matt to walk in front otherwise he treads on my heels"

HAHA! This made me *LOL*

Keep up the good work guys! =)

Auntie Carolyn
10/21/2008 11:49

Was it really that cold!!!? You look like Nanook of the North (is that how you spell it???) I think you need to up the mileage pretty quickly you two!
Love you lots
Your bestest Auntie


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