This week our focus has turned back to fundraising.  On Monday, Teri managed to last 7.5 hours standing in the freezing entrance to Asda with feet like blocks of ice!  It was well worth it though, as we counted up a grand total of £261.43 from the collection.  (Thank you to everyone that came to visit during their lunch breaks - it kept me going!)

Then Friday, Matt hosted his Pie & Poker Night.  A total of £95.00 was collected for the British Heart Foundation, and Derek and Matt C went home with a share of the winnings.

Another date for your diaries is Saturday 6th June, as we're thinking of hosting a Thank You Party on our return, to thank you all for your help and support over the last year.  Obviously more details will come nearer the time.

We're not too far from hitting our target now, and we have a couple of other events lined up for before we go so we should reach it easily!  Girls, it's looking as though Friday 13th March is a good date for our Girls' Night In so please keep it free and pass on the information to anyone else that might be interested.  Virgin Vie and Chocoholics are highly likely, so the perfect opportunity to get your Mothers' Day presents for the weekend after! 

If anyone else would like to sponsor us or make a donation, please visit our Justgiving website at or contact either of us.

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