So now we're very nearly in April, and there's just over 17 weeks to go!  We'll be in Australia celebrating New Year before we know it!

We've booked and paid for the flights for our main honeymoon, which we will be taking in December.  We're heading to Australia (and New Zealand) for a few weeks, and we'll be spending Christmas Day on the beach in Melbourne, and partying away in Sydney for New Year's Eve.  Matt's been planning all the details for the honeymoon, so I'm not too sure on exactly what we'll be getting up to, but we're both incredibly excited.  It will give us something to keep on looking forward to after the wedding is over.

This week we need to decide on the food and drink for the reception, and get together all the other little details as we have our main planning meeting at the venue in a few weeks.  We've received some wine samples and spent Friday night having a little 'tasting session' to decide on the white wine.  The reds are still waiting to be tried and tested!

Over Easter weekend we're spending a couple of days in London visiting a few different friends, and we're hoping to get going with the invitations too.  They're going to take a while to put together as we're making our own, and we need to send them out very soon!

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