We're now very nearly into the month that we get married!  Everything had seemed to be going to plan until I was in a car accident at the weekend.  As I was driving my maid of honour to the train station, a motorcyclist came round a tight bend on our side of the road, so far over that he went into the passenger corner of the front of the car!  Luckily, somehow it seems as though he wasn't seriously injured, just severely concussed, so more than anything now it's just annoying without Matt and I having a car.  Fingers crossed it will all be sorted quickly as the police statements all show that it was the biker's fault, so we can get it sorted and move on.  Thank you, Anneka, for being so supportive when it happened, I think I would've fell apart even more if you hadn't been there!

Although we were obviously sad that England are now out of the World Cup (though by the way they played, so they should be!), it does mean that we can look forward to enjoying our hen/stag parties this weekend without the footy taking over.  I'm really excited about the weekend, and I think Matt is too, though he seems a bit more nervous than me!  I'm sure I'll be able to update the hen and stag pages of this website with more details and photos next week.

Last week we sent out little booklets to the members of the bridal party, listing their duties and thanking them for agreeing to be a part of our wedding.  I think everyone liked them, even if they do think we're slightly insane!  We thought they would be nice little mementos to keep after the wedding as well.  Though I do feel a bit sorry for the Ushers, their books were twice as long as everyone else's!

Favours have all been ordered, so now the last main thing we need to sort before the wedding is, our rings!  Yes, we know it's a bit late, but hopefully we will get to look at some this week.  As we both want a very plain band it shouldn't be too hard to get hold of them in our sizes.  I'm busy making little sentimental / personal touches for things throughout the day, as well as making the menus, orders of service and so on.  We're really pleased we decided to make all our own invitations and stationery so we can make things exactly as we wanted them to be.  Plus I guess it would have been a bit silly for us to buy them elsewhere when we already make them for customers of Aqua Rose!

I had my last hair trial on Friday and I'm really happy with that.  I was getting so excited before the accident yesterday but hopefully that will build back up again soon with this weekend coming. 

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