Finally, I've got round to updating the website with more specific wedding details, such as the gift lists, taxi numbers and other important guest information.  Please click on the links at the top of the page to find out more!

We have decided to offer two options of gift lists for any guests that wish to buy us a gift for our wedding day (we would be most grateful for any gifts, though obviously the most important to us is for everyone to be able to attend our big day!).  If anyone would like to put some spending money towards our honeymoon, there will be a locked post-box at our wedding reception.  We have also listed some of the activities we will be taking part in on the Gift Lists page, so if the money is to go toward a specific element of the honeymoon, please let us know!

We have also formed a list at Debenhams, which we completed yesterday, and it was great fun walking round the store with the 'zapper'!  There is currently a sale on at Debenhams, and almost all the items we chose to put on the list were in the sale, so if anyone is thinking of getting a gift from Debenhams it might be an idea to get it soon at the sale price!  (You can order gifts online or in store, and the best way to search for our list is by the Bride's surname:  Laskowski).  Again, more information is on the Gift Lists page.

We are getting there with the invitations, so they should be ready to post in about a week or so, although with the current volcano ash covering the country it may take a while for the invitations to be delivered!  Even though we've designed and printed them completely at home by ourselves, we're actually really pleased with how they're looking.

The only problem we seem to be having at the moment is with the Bridesmaids' shoes!  We ordered them a couple of weeks ago now and they still haven't arrived.  Apparently they keep getting 'lost in the post' so hopefully they'll reach us eventually.

In other news, I have now reduced my hours in London to three days a week, so I have two days a week to work on Aqua Rose (my own wedding business).  It's doing well so far this year and I've taken plenty of bookings for the Summer.  Last weekend, Matt's parents and my Mum and Stepdad came to visit and put up a new fence for us, take down one of the trees and generally do some work in the garden so it's now all ready for the Summer!  

The weather's getting better, so finally it seems Summer has arrived, drumming it into us even more that it's really not that long till the wedding day!

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