Not too much more to update on at the moment, but there's still a few things we want to get sorted this side of Christmas!  I've booked a make-up artist to make myself and the girls look beautiful on the day, and in a couple of weeks we're heading back to Colchester with the Best Man to try on some suits.  I will be ordering my dress that weekend too, and I think that's when it will really hit home that I'm actually getting married!

The stag and hen parties have been set to take place on the weekend of Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th July, and I think Johno and Anneka have already started to get in touch with everyone initially about the plans.

I know a lot of you have already booked accommodation, but all the info on recommended hotels and B&Bs will stay on this website until the big day, for those of you that haven't sorted anything yet.

My last bridesmaid comes back from Australia in a week or so and I can't wait as the last time I saw her was when we left for Peru before the engagement!  We've missed you, Jess!

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