We had a lovely Christmas with family and a great New Year's Eve with friends, and last weekend we spent another fantastic evening with friends in Lincoln for Matt's surprise birthday.

Now that's all out the way, the countdown to the wedding is really kicking off!  We've put together our (mammoth) list of everything to get done over the next few months, and this week we received our six-month planning portfolio from Spains Hall; there's so many questions to answer!

Matt's been working hard on planning the honeymoon and summermoon, of which I know very few details, and all my lunchtimes and train journeys to work have been spent researching things and making lists and designing things.  This weekend we're heading back to Essex as we've got a second meeting with the vicar, to discuss the hymns and readings we've chosen for the service.

In other news, Matt says thank you to everyone for all the birthday cards and messages, and we have placed our first advert in a magazine for Aqua Rose!  The Starting Twogether East Berkshire edition.  We are also shown on and linked to the www.startingtwogether.com website.  All very exciting!

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